Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Designer Name and Blog

Im now designing under a new name. If you wish to visit my new blog please go here:

Friday, November 14, 2008


OH WOW!! the year has flown. And my birthday is just around the corner!
Ive been so busy with uni lately i havent had time to create but there is more coming soon!!
But before the christmas stuff comes out.. im going to have a sale!!!!


Thats right... kits, CU items, overlays.. EVERYTHING
Get it now because il be retiring some of the older kits very soon!

If you would like to take part in this sale just email me at with the products you would like and il send you an invoice!!

Remember EVERYTHING is 1.00.

Monday, October 20, 2008

*sigh* to the people who have no better than to bag out people

Well here ya go....
Miss or Mr 'you wont publish'

im happy to give you your spot light right here... why you ask? Cuz your only making a fool of yourself.
Interesting that you only approve the good comments. I'd have to agree with anyone who said this was a lame offering. If you can't take the time to make something decent that isn't PTU, why bother participating?? I'd be embarrassed if I were you. Also, you might spend some of your free time learning grammar and spelling, instead of "creating" crap. And yes, I know that only you will see this, but that's kind of the point. Maybe if enough people speak up, you'll get the hint.

WOW!! youve hurt my wittle feewings!!!... gee id better tell the hundreds that dld it.. and all of those who left comments that there all wrong too then huh? GET A LIFE.

The really sad thing is... that there are sooo many wonderful talented artists out there who share their work.. and even more out there who really APPRECIATE the shares and use them to make themselves and others happy...and yet.. there are stil rare few like yourself.. who have ABSOLUTLY NOTHING better to do.. that be spiteful and harrass. Well i have a suggestion;).. you dont like it MOVE ON. No one says you have to dld it... in fact... if all you do is follow freebee trains to abuse designers if there not 'good enough' for you.. i suggest you do everyone in the scrapping community a big favour and find a new hobby...on behalf of myself and all the other talented people out there im sure youve harrased.. GET A LIFE... learn to scrap yourself. Im i know why YOUR to frightened to be public mr/ms anonomous... i woudlnt want to track you down sharing it under your name now would i! or even worse....people might email YOU for once.. telling you how lame you are.. SHOCK HORROR.. OMG NOO say it aint so! Harrassment?.. isnt that horrible..

Friday, October 10, 2008


This vibrant ladybug freebie contains 6 papers, 2 frames, 4 ladybugs, 2 flowers, 1 bow, 1 set of tags and 2 ribbons! For all those ladybug fans out there!
Get this freebie HERE

Hot Like Fire PTU

this new HOT kit is full of flame and bling! Everything hot and steamy in this red and orange theme
Kit contains

10 papers,
1 bag
5 hand made blings
9 different bows
2 firefly bugs
6 different flowers
2 flower clips
5 frames
2 parchment papers
5 ribbons
4 buckle and straps
4 tags
5 brads
2 metal ribbons

Light a fire in your next scraping adventure! (also available in full size by email to

This kit is 2.50. To purchase use the button below:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CU Build-A-Tree!

Here is the second part to complement your Build a snowman!
This Build-A-Tree is great for all your CU kit needs as well as your personal layouts!
Add an individual touch with different combinations of trees, build your own bauble, tinsel, stars and presents. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!
This Build-a-Tree kit includes:
3 trees (dark green, green and white)
4 types of tinsel( gold, silver, red, purple ((black tree not included, only for display purposes)
8 different presents
2 star ornaments
1 top of the tree star
7 different baubles
2 different bauble tops (gold and silver)

All files in .png format for your ease of use!
This product usualy 3.00 is ON SALE NOW for 2.50!!

CU Build-A-Snowman!

This Build-A-Snowman is great for all your CU kit needs as well as your personal layouts! Add an individual touch with different combinations of suits, faces, hats, scalves, buttons and coloured snowmen! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!
This Build-a-Snowman kit includes:
  • 3 snowmen (red, grey, green)
  • 3 sets of buttons (heart, circle, star)
  • 4 suits (blue, green, red, purple)
  • 3 different faces
  • 2 scalves
  • 3 top hats with different orniments
  • 2 santa hats
  • 1 set of stick arms

  • All files in .png format for your ease of use!
    This product usualy 3.00 is ON SALE NOW for 2.50!!
    To purchase please use the button below

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Ice Queen CU Overlays

    Here is a set of 5 winter overlays for COMMERCIAL USE!! Hope you enjoy

    To purchase please use the paypall button below
    They are only 2.00

    Sunday, October 5, 2008


    this new store is open now and is full of great stuff so come check it out!!!
    Everything is on sale
    Go HERE

    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    HALLOWEEN FUN!! CU items and PTU Kit

    Well here is my Halloween Stuff
    I have TWO CU ITEMS, buttons and overlays... AND a kit for those who dont make their own..
    Use the paypall buttons below to purchase!

    These 4 spooky overlays are only 2.00 for your halloween kit making needs.

    6 Commercial Use OK! buttons for all your halloween kit needs. Just colourise to your hearts content. Only $2.00

    This halloween kit has papers, buttons, tags, ribbons, pumpkins, frames, plates, and HAND MADE SPOOKY ALPHA. All for 2.00

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    OK!!!!! IM back... AND $1.00 SALE

    OK im back and OMG im soooo glad to be home it was defanantly an experience!!!

    And because im so releived to get home im in a very scrap kitty mood and im finishing kits and CU products.
    Because of that i thought.. id have a SALE!!!
    Call it crazy but everything is now $1.00!!!
    thats right.. everything.. EVERYTHING. So if youd like to place an order for this sale email me at and i will draw up your invoice and ship you your SUPER CHEEP kits!

    Sale will only last a week though, so closing at September 28! Will not include any NEW products i put out AFTEER this notice unless i say it does on the post:)


    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    Going away for a week please read

    Well.. im going away for a week for teaching... out where i wont have net or mobile service
    So if you purchase anything through the blog or send me any emails for questions please be away it will not be until the 21st that i can reply to you!
    Sorry for the inconvinence


    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    BOO!! Halloween PTU Kit AND SALE

    In this very spoooooky season ive made you a jam packed spooky kit for only 2.00!! And there is even more in it than shown in the preview!! This kit has 10 papers, pumpkins, and pumkin frames, spooky sayings, 20 spooky buttons, tags, ribbons, plates, candy corn AND spooky alpha HAND MADE! Each alpha has a little bat on it A-Z and 0-9. To purchase this kit use the link below.SPOOKY SALE!!! IF YOU EMAIL ME AT and purchase both this kit and the Totally Emo for $5.00 total, you get to choose any other two kits i have FREE OF CHARGE!.... spooky bargain or what!

    To purchase this kit by itself click on the paypall button. Allow for 48 hours delivery after pay.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Totally Emo PTU Taggers kit

    This taggers kit is 800x800, 12 papers and png. files.
    This TOTALLY EMO kit is full of attitude and everything emo! butterlies, flowers, tags, buttons with emo attitude quotes, frames AND THREE sets of Alpha not shown in preview!
    All for 3.00!
    To purchase this kit please use the button below.